In MINIATURE CAR you will find:
- innovations .
- 3 pages on Burago of the lists and the images of models that Burago manufactured during 3 different times in 1985 in 1993 and in 1997.
- a page on the miniatures Renault shop sold in the Renault concessions, and to supplement another page on the other miniatures of this mark-With Renault the French miniatures of today are not forgotten full with photographs on the miniatures Peugeot and Citroen .
- In this connection do you know the Citroen Toys ? You will see that the passion of the automobile miniatures does not go back to yesterday in the Forties one could also manufacture miniatures which also served promotion of the mark.
-3 pages on Ferrari with explanations on the models, cuts real and reduced then rival Ferrari Lamborghini .
- Two pages on the Chevrolet Corvettes (there still of the explanations), on the models natural size and their reductions, also see luxurious Mercedes of the different times but always same prestige.
- the sportsmen will see Porsche with the 1/43ème or 1/18ème.
- Visit the series Golden age of Solido and Models of Yesterday de Matchbox .
And then there is very full with other headings, American the 1/43ème and 1/18éme English the 1/43 2nd and 1/18ème etc.
- do not forget to go to see a collection of various small cars, some photographs among those which I have (approximately 500).
- You have small cars to sell or buy not problem direction the Stock Exchange of exchange a page where you can read and deposit your small advertisements.
- To go to see other sites: the bonds will carry you towards other horizons, the sites selected among best which treat well-on... miniature cars, the manufacturers, pages perso, etc.
- However do not forget to write a small word to me or to sign the book of gold in order to encourage me, criticisms are accepted well on.
Thank you
- Much of questions about my enamel to find models which you wish to acquire. I cannot answer all for lack of time, also I created useful an addresses page with the sites of mail order tradings and the gates for collectors. In some appear in it of the lists of models in the sale in line (Atalante and BAM, in particular) I thus invite you to consult them in order to find the model which you seek. But you will not find all. All the existing cars were not reproduced or were it at a certain time, and some are not diffused any more . It will then be necessary to seek in the secondhand trades, the small advertisements or of the sites of auction sale like Aucland for example .

- a forum was integrated you can raise your questions, to answer the questions put by the other Net surfers collectors, or y to register information useful, demonstration, purses of exchange or other. Do not hesitate with you to be useful about it.
If you find errors in the pages, posting, orthography, or other, thank you to announce it to me.

Miniatures of the Net surfers
PLEASE. A small effort is required of you to supplement the page, to send the images, scanner or numerical apparatus of your achievements, of your collection or models I will readily integrate them in this site, (it is enough to click here and, in your software transport to click on enclosure insertion). To admire what you already sent me, visit " the Miniatures of the Net surfers ".
I will want to thank all those which sent images to me and which have of this fact contributed to enrich this site.




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